PODCAST: Extra Duty Done Right | THE INTERVIEW ROOM | 002

Welcome to THE INTERVIEW ROOM | Episode 002| Extra Duty Done Right


Meet This Weeks Guest

Rich Milliman

CEO/ Extra Duty Solutions

Rich’s professional background is heavily focused in business services and operations. After serving as a management consultant for McKinsey and Company, Rich ran portfolio marketing and operations at Bank One’s credit card unit. He then ran a number of emerging and mid-sized business services firms for a European family office.

Prior to co-founding Extra Duty Solutions, Rich was heavily involved in operational risk, security and back office operations at the world’s largest hedge fund.

Show Notes from This Episode

Welcome to The Interview Room | Episode 002 | Extra Duty Done Right

The Interview Room releases every other Thursday. In here, we interview leaders from all walks of life. These conversations are meant to provide insight, guidance, warnings, and encouragement for law enforcement officers and their supporters in their everyday lives. 

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In this episode, we interview Rich Milliman the CEO of Extra Duty Solutions:

  • We discuss key considerations for officers when deciding to work extra-duty details.
  • We talk about the many benefits for officers in working extra-duty details. 
  • We caution officers on the seductive nature of extra-duty details and provide some examples to consider.
  • We talk about officer pay and insurance concerns when engaged in work outside of the agency. 
  • We layout things the agency should consider when creating an extra-duty detail program.
  • Finally, Rich leaves us with some parting thoughts on what officers can do to help themselves in their personal lives. 

For more information on Extra Duty Solutions and their vision, 

please visit: https://extradutysolutions.com

Or contact them at info@extradutysolutions.com

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