PODCAST: The Importance of Friendship | THE INTERVIEW ROOM | 003

Welcome to THE INTERVIEW ROOM | Episode 003| Extra Duty Done Right


Meet This Weeks Guest

Kevin Casner

After spending ten and a half years in the electrical construction business, Kevin has spent most of the last twenty-nine years in the real estate and homebuilding industry.

In May 2004, in the midst of enjoying a successful real estate career, family life, and church life; Kevin discovered that there were still some things missing in his life. After attending a men’s event in the mountains of Colorado, he witnessed first-hand an example of what was missing: authentic friendships. He wasn’t sure how to explain it at the time, but knew that in his heart it was something real, available, and he wanted it. 

This led to an invitation to a few men, some he knew, some he didn’t, to meet weekly in a barn near Fort Mill, South Carolina. Kevin’s passion for friendship and helping men on their journey and life resulted in what is now known as Barn International Ministries or simply, “The Barn.” Weekly meetings still continue with an emphasis on fostering authentic friendships, awakening the heart, and the restoration of relationships while creating an environment to foster this growth.

Show Notes from This Episode

Welcome to The Interview Room | Episode 003 | The Importance of Friendship

The Interview Room releases every other Thursday. In here, we interview leaders from all walks of life. These conversations are meant to provide insight, guidance, warnings, and encouragement for law enforcement officers and their supporters in their everyday lives. 

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In this episode, we interview Kevin Casner:

  • We talk about faith and the importance of relationship in our lives.
  • We discuss The Barn, a ministry Kevin was instrumental in founding fourteen years ago, near Fort Mill, SC. 
  • We have a conversation about being our authentic self and the elaborate “masks” that we create to only have “surface” relationships. 
  • We talk about the strength of groups and the importance of being part of a Tribe for both support and for mental health. We also discuss doing things you love with others, such as hunting and fishing and the bonds that it can build. 
  • We determine that what happens to us and around us, does not have to define us. Kevin shares the thought, “Who I am, transcends what I am doing.” 
  • Finally, Kevin leaves us with a personal and heartfelt update on struggles that he has been facing. Kevin then provides us with some final thoughts on the need to have a Mentor in our life, the need for friendships, the fact that when you are in a battle, none of the minutia matters, not letting our job or ministry be our validating point and finally the importance of being intentional in life. 

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The Book, It’s Your Call

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