PODCAST: Find a Cure, Not a Scapegoat| Monday Morning Roll Call | 020

Welcome to Monday Morning Roll Call | Episode 020 | Find a Cure, Not a Scapegoat


Monday Morning Roll Call is released every week by On The Blue Line and provides a short overview of issues that matter to you and provides encouragement for the week ahead.

In this episode we discuss:

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  • This week we discuss disrespect towards law enforcement, specifically the water-throwing in NYC.
  • We contrast this with a Thank You note, I received this week from Thankful For Our Heroes in Blue and discuss the support from everyday members of the community for law enforcement.
  • We discuss the idea of finding a cure, instead of finding someone to blame when something goes wrong.
  • We consider this idea of taking responsibility and why people play the “Blame Game,” from an article by Dr. Susan Whitbourne in Psychology Today.
  • Finally, we encourage you to take responsibility when things go wrong and to work towards finding a solution and allowing the mistake to become a catalyst for success. 

After the episode:

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