PODCAST: Looking for Solutions to Mass Casualty Events (Part 2)| Monday Morning Roll Call | 023


Looking for Solutions to Mass Casualty Events (Part 2) | MONDAY MORNING ROLL CALL | Episode 023



Monday Morning Roll Call is released every week by On The Blue Line and provides a short overview of issues that matter to you and provides encouragement for the week ahead.

In this episode we discuss:

  • This week we answer another question from our closed Facebook Group, On The Blue Line Guild. Be sure to join us!
  • This is Part 2 to this conversation, if you missed last week’s podcast you will want to go back and listen to that episode first. In there we lay the groundwork for this week’s conversation. 
  • This week, we discuss the intent of our founding fathers and the importance of seeking the intent of the early framers of the Constitution and its Amendments when we try to interpret freedoms through a “modern” lens.   

After the episode: 

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