PODCAST: Making First Responders Whole Again with Vanessa Kennedy | THE INTERVIEW ROOM | Episode 007

Welcome to THE INTERVIEW ROOM | Episode 007 | Making First Responders Whole Again


Meet this Weeks Guest: Vanessa Kennedy

Vanessa Kennedy Founder, Code-1 Wellness

I began my career in the medical field at the age of 18, working in various medical facilities. In 2009, I attended and graduated from the Police Academy and started working as a law enforcement officer for 10 years. I am still an active officer today. Since the beginning of my career, I have been deeply interested in CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) training and officer wellness. I have always had a deep interest in mental health. This passion for officer wellness has allowed me put a lot of hard work into creating Code 1 Wellness. The organization was founded to aid first responders in the areas of mental health and wellness as a way to help our public servants. The operations of Code 1 Wellness are rapidly growing within the greater Kansas City communities. I believe that we are here to protect those who protect others.

Code 1 Wellness was launched in May, 2018 and that dream became reality. Since then, the amount of heartfelt response from sincere individuals has been overwhelming, resulting in greatly needed support for our organization. Passionate about mental health, wellness, and our public servants, I have a strong desire for knowledge and will continue to exceed the expectations of my peers. As a member of Code 1 Wellness, it will be my privilege to stay at the cutting edge of mental health, in both terms of wellness and in support of our public servants.

Show Notes from This Episode

The Interview Room releases weekly. In here, I interview leaders from all walks of life highlighting strong and meaningful conversations that provide insight, guidance, and encouragement for the listener. 

In this episode, I sit down with Vanessa Kennedy the Founder of Code-1 Wellness:

  • We discuss a variety of topics from her favorite cup of coffee to her experience in law enforcement. 
  • Vanessa shares her thoughts on challenges for women in law enforcement. 
  • We discuss the importance of mental health training and the pitfalls of peer to peer support groups at an officer’s agency. 
  • We talked about the mission of Code-1 Wellness to “Protect those who Protect Others.” 
  • Vanessa shares the vision of Code-1 Wellness and what the future may hold for this organization. 


After the episode: 

On The Blue Line was founded and is operated by active-duty law enforcement to fulfill the mission of providing guidance, resources and community for law enforcement officers, first responders, and military personal in their off-duty lives.


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