PODCAST: Through the Eyes of a CSI with Tamara Mickelson | THE INTERVIEW ROOM | Episode 010

Through the Eyes of a CSI with Tamara Mickelson | THE INTERVIEW ROOM | Episode 010


Meet this Weeks Guest: Tamara Mickelson

Tamara Mickelson

Author, Through My Eyes

Tamara Mickelson retired after twenty years of service with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department in Sacramento, California. She spent fifteen of those years as a crime scene investigator. Prior to this she served four years on active duty and three years as a reserve in the United States Air Force in the security police field. 

She’s earned a bachelor of science degree in business management and a master’s of counseling in marriage and family therapy.

Tamara made her author debut with the romance novel Maren’s Journey. Shortly after retirement, she created Thin Blue Line 4 Women with a mission to connect with women in law enforcement to offer support, inspiration, and empowerment. 

Show Notes from This Episode

The Interview Room releases weekly. In here, I interview leaders from all walks of life highlighting strong and meaningful conversations that provide insight, guidance, and encouragement for the listener. 

In this episode, I sit down with Tamara MickelsonAuthor of Through My Eyes, CSI Memoirs that haunt the soul:

  • We discuss Tamara’s law enforcement background and the time she spent in the Crime Scene Investigative unit .
  • We talk about the writing of her book, Through My Eyes.
  • We discuss the therapeutic activity of writing and how this can be a great tool in dealing with stress, even if you never publish a book.
  • We spend time talking about her mission with Thin Blue Line4 Women and her podcast, Real Life.
  • We conclude with some great advice for ALL law enforcement officers when it comes to their life at home.



After the episode: 

On The Blue Line was founded and is operated by active-duty law enforcement to fulfill the mission of providing guidance, resources and community for law enforcement officers, first responders, and military personal in their off-duty lives.


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