PODCAST: The importance of the Thin Blue Line with Travis Arnold | THE INTERVIEW ROOM | Episode 019

The importance of the Thin Blue Line with Travis Arnold | THE INTERVIEW ROOM | Episode 019


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Meet this Weeks Guest: Travis Arnold

Travis Arnold

Founder of Caisson Shaving Company

Travis Arnold, 35 years old, out of Orange County, California is the owner and founder of Caisson (Kay- Sahn) Shaving Company. After 12 years of service in the United States Army and 10 years as a Deputy Sheriff in Southern Arizona, Travis decided to pursue his dream of entrepreneurship. The idea of Caisson Shaving Company came as a result of reminiscing about how much dry shaving sucks for our soldiers while they are out in the field, or on deployment. This led into product research and development as well as market feasibility studies and found that a solid, glycerin based shaving soap could solve these issues. Being that there were no equivalent products on the market, especially a product that could withstand the austere conditions our soldiers endure, Travis decided to launch Caisson Shaving Company in June of 2020.

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Show Notes from This Episode

The Interview Room releases weekly. In here, I interview leaders from all walks of life highlighting strong and meaningful conversations that provide insight, guidance, and encouragement for the listener. 

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In this episode, I sit down with Travis Arnold:

  • We discuss his experience in the US Army. 
  • We talk about his experiences during his ten years as a Deputy Sheriff in southern Arizona. 
  • We talk about the importance of Officer’s mental health. 
  • We honor Officer Jesús M. Cordova of the Nogales Police Department, Arizona who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the Line of Duty.
  • We talk about his entrepreneurial adventure and the starting of the Caisson Shaving Company. 

HOW TO CONNECT with Travis:

After the episode: 

On The Blue Line was founded and is operated by active-duty law enforcement to fulfill the mission of providing guidance, resources and community for law enforcement officers, first responders, and military personal in their off-duty lives.


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