PODCAST: The importance of Mindset in Law Enforcement with Carrie Wooten | THE INTERVIEW ROOM | Episode 023

The importance of Mindset in Law Enforcement with Carrie Wooten | THE INTERVIEW ROOM | Episode 023


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Meet this Weeks Guest: Carrie Wooten

Carrie Wooten

Founder, Mindset Enterprise

Carrie Wooten- Owner/President, Mindset Enterprise

Carrie is a performance mindset and organizational culture trainer, speaker and executive coach. Carrie has combined her law enforcement experience and her expertise in generational communications, positive psychology, neuro-leadership and organizational development to serve first responders nationwide.

As the Founder of nonprofit Operation PHALANX, Inc., co-creator of Triad Leadership & Development and the former Dean of The National Command & Staff College, Carrie has created change agents throughout the country that increase productivity, performance, retention and morale withing their organizations.

Carrie resides in Georgia with her husband, Chris (USMC Ret.), and their three young children.

Show Notes from This Episode

The Interview Room releases weekly. In here, I interview leaders from all walks of life highlighting strong and meaningful conversations that provide insight, guidance, and encouragement for the listener. 

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In this episode, I sit down with Carrie Wooten:

  • We discuss the importance of mindset In law enforcement and how to positively influence organizational culture. 
  • Carrie relays positive and not-so-positive experiences she had at two different law enforcement agencies and the lessons she learned from each. 
  • Finally, we talk about leadership, toxic leadership and provide some advice for everyone within the agency regardless of title. 

HOW TO CONNECT with Carrie:

After the episode: 

On The Blue Line was founded and is operated by active-duty law enforcement to fulfill the mission of providing guidance, resources and community for law enforcement officers, first responders, and military personal in their off-duty lives.


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