BLOG: Absolutely Absolute (and the scourge of relativism)

It should not come as a surprise that a socialist-leaning Oligarch such as President Joseph Biden dismisses America, her founding, and her principles. It is not shocking that he has and will continue to take action and make statements that are not only dangerous but inflammatory and anti-American. It is also not a shock that these statements, which are often incoherent, are at their core nothing more than fanning the flames of his base intent on the destruction of America. However, even though I am not surprised when I hear something so absurd, so nonsensical, so treacherous, I still try to stop, breathe, take a moment and try to determine how we arrived here. 

This week was just such a moment. In a speech this week, where the President provided numerous inaccuracies, intentionally misleading misinformation, and outright lies, he also made a statement that provided the answer. In a speech this week, President Biden stated, “…But no amendment, no amendment to the Constitution is absolute.” This statement shocked me, but maybe not for the most obvious reasons. Yes, your rights as codified in the Amendments are absolute and should be protected at all costs. Yes, any infringement upon a right that clearly states “shall not be infringed” is at its very essence infringing it. Yes, his “actions” do little more than inconvenience law-abiding citizens. At the same time, his base grows more emboldened in disarming those in most need of protection.

Yes, any infringement upon a right that clearly states “shall not be infringed” is at its very essence infringing it.

However, this is not what bothered me the most. The use of the term “absolute” in the context that somehow, something “absolute” is abhorrent or concerning. It was here that I paused, and I realized a few things. These were brought into context by this very same speech about eliminating your second amendment rights under the guise of “gun violence prevention.”

For the purpose of context, I am in my forties and grew up in an area and time with experiences that are very foreign to those subscribed to the current notions of modernity. The world I knew as a child no longer exists and has not for decades. This could be a lengthy conversation in itself about the changing of America and the reasons why it has run headlong towards the very belief systems that led to people escaping their countries to come here in the first place. It is not prudent to get into that lengthy conversation at this moment; however, President Biden’s terms are actually core to the problems themselves. In fact, unbeknownst to him, he actually provided the problem and the real solution to not only what he terms “gun violence” but to most social ills that we are seeing. 

The key to the solution is provided in his disparaging words about absolutes. His hatred of absolutes is actually an adherence to relativism. Everything is relative. Stated another way, “Nothing is absolute.” Relativism is the scourge that will eventually destroy this country. I know at first this appears to be hyperbole, but it is the actual battle we are fighting. 

The year 2020 has been the most remarkable example of the nation’s turn towards relativism coming to its final fruition and how relativism leads to the Woke religion. In the last 13 months, we have learned that nothing is concrete and is only situationally correct. It is why “mostly peaceful” protests can go on for months with no response from so-called leaders. Then one event of Armed Trespassing can become a terroristic action and an “insurrection.” To be clear neither is acceptable; however, when leaders facilitate the paying of fines for one group of criminals while simultaneously charging others for the same actions to the full extent of the law, this is a picture of relativism. It is situational ethics. Wrong is absolute. Criminal behavior is absolute, and the punishment for the crime should be equally just and absolute. 

Yet, we know this is not the world we live in. It is why so-called medical experts can actually state that they change their recommendations in response to a virus according to how people will behave and react. It is why dissenting options and voices must be silenced and why honest, intellectual discourse cannot be held. It is all relative, and it is all situational. People seemed surprised when so-called leaders are breaking their own draconian edicts in plain view and without shame. The issue at its core is relativism. You don’t understand that the edicts that destroyed your business destroyed your way of life and destroyed your ability to see dying loved ones are situational to the person creating the policy in the first place. 

Morals, values, beliefs, even reality itself are challenged in this modern age as being relative to the times in which we live. The Bible is an ancient document with no relevance to the contemporary era. The Constitution is a dusty writing that must be a living, breathing document to apply to the modern age. This is not simply a belief in the evolution of things or incremental improvement to an old system. Instead, this is the belief that the old must be torn down, destroyed, and eliminated to build from scratch the wonders of the current age. 

So, Mr. President, it is true that I have no respect for you personally or your destructive policies. However, I do have a high degree of respect for the office which you hold and by default for you in the role of President. In this spirit, let me offer some suggestions for your current goal of preventing gun violence. As a law enforcement officer and with this being on a law enforcement site, I want to offer practical solutions. First and foremost, may I say that the solution is NEVER to side-step the Constitution or infringe upon citizens’ rights. Instead, the answer lies in stepping away from your current belief in relativism and returning to a belief in the absolutes of morality and justice.

You, as the President, have the actual power to do something in this arena. National calls to prayer, awakenings, adherence to morality have started in leaders standing up and beckoning people back to foundational, albeit absolute principles. After deciding to begin to base decisions on absolutes, then the government systems must be brought into line with these truths. The Justice System must start to demand absolutes to be reinstated. It should be no surprise, when juveniles who commit numerous violent crimes, steal vehicles and steal guns do not even get charged because of “relative” factors, that gun violence is going to exist, grow and get worse. Morality, right, wrong, equal justice under the law is not “relative” constructs. 

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

John Adams

The crime must be punished. If you want to curb gun violence, please step away from trying to get inanimate objects to behave instead of holding actual people accountable to a higher standard. The further we move away from the idea of judging people by the “content of their character,” the further we will go down this road of increased violence. The entire American ideal is at stake. The further we step away from the foundations of liberty and justice, the more we guarantee our eventual fall as a nation. 

Mr. President, let’s get back to these foundations of morality and ethical behavior. It is the only way to forge a society that punishes wrongdoing while guaranteeing the rights of its Citizenry. As John Adams wrote, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” These are facts, and as such, they are absolute. They are grounded in truths and, like the rights of the People must absolutely, be absolute. 

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