Our Mission is Simple: We want to be resource for law enforcement officers and their supporters in their everyday lives.

On the Blue Line is a movement, it is a brotherhood, it is a company dedicated to helping law enforcement officers in all areas of life. Several decades in law enforcement has brought us to this realization, there are few resources to help law enforcement officers off the job, that are not tied to the agencies where they work. The goal of On The Blue Line is to bridge this gap in a safe, secure environment outside of your agency. Here it is about you and what your goals, dreams and aspirations may be.

We are Cops serving Cops.

We know what it is like to struggle with the myth of the work-life balance and to feel as though you sacrifice everything in your personal, home, and family life to patrol the streets of your community.

On the Blue Line is here to provide structure, support, and encouragement to help you become all that you can be in all areas of your life, especially those areas of your life outside of law enforcement. We reach this goal, in the same way you become an expert on the job through training, education, and experience.

Training and Education

On the Blue Line wants to provide you with the tools, techniques and strategies to succeed in every part of your life. We provide this information through the once a month (released on Wednesdays) blog that deals with different issues and concerns in an anecdotal, narrative style format.

Every Monday we have Roll Call, a Podcast dedicated to discussing current events and to provide encouragement for the week ahead.

Every other Thursday we bring you The Interview Room, a podcast that goes over issues facing law enforcement in a discussion and interview style format. These messages are meant to provide you information that effects you everyday and to do so in a fun and engaging way.


Our Online Brotherhood is housed currently in our closed Facebook group, the On The Blue Line Guild. This is a group of like-minded Officers and Supporters who come together to discuss what matters to you everyday. Join today and become apart of the movement.

Coming soon!

This is just the beginning.