Part of what we are all about at On The Blue Line is living. I know, I know, you woke up this morning and feel fairly confident you can still fog a mirror, but that isn’t life, at least not in the sense that we mean it here. Though it is a good start.

When you read a dictionary definition of coming alive you will see words like- “wake up, awaken, arouse, rouse, stir.” That is one of the goals of On The Blue Line is to awaken something in you that helps you in your everyday life.

Holding the hand of a child, spending time with family, that is #livingontheblueline

Pursuing a goal, like advanced education and reaching the finish line, that is #livingontheblueline

Finding your happy place, on a walk with a friend, that is #livingontheblueline

A summer day on the lake with friends, family or loved ones, that is #livingontheblueline

Having fun with those you love, that is #livingontheblueline

Taking time to give thanks or reflect, that is #livingontheblueline

Taking care of yourself physically, that is #livingontheblueline