Welcome to On The Blue Line!

On The Blue Line is about life. Life outside the badge and uniform. The life you were meant to live and the life that has been calling you from somewhere beyond the day to day rat race.

We do not have it “all figured out.” In fact, we are still figuring it out ourselves. However, we are with you on the same journey and can point out some of the roadblocks and hazards and lessons we have learned along the way.

We believe it is time to go forward in your career, relationships, family, health and everyday life! If you are looking for a podcast or a community that is geared towards providing encouragement for everyday people just like you and me, then we hope you will join us today.

More about me

It started as a conversation, then a question, then a seemingly straightforward answer. Sitting across the table, the conversation began, “What can I do to help law enforcement in their everyday life?”

It seemed surreal, almost like the question couldn’t be answered. First, did they need help? and second what kind of help would they need?

Years in law enforcement, balanced with family responsibilities, teaching, and several decades of business experience- some good years, some bad- left me feeling out of balance. I had always heard of the mysterious “work-life balance” but felt that for me it was a constant rat race of striving to get ahead. Yet, constantly feeling that I was failing in whatever arena I was dedicating all my time and energy to at the time.

Over time Law Enforcement would teach me a different lesson, actually lessons. I would learn that life is less about balance than about seasons, I would understand that failure is the springboard for future success and that law enforcement is one of the greatest teachers of human nature and self-reflection.

As the founder of On The Blue Line and the host of the On The Blue Line Podcast, I get the opportunity to bring you guests from a variety of walks of life. Men and women who have been there, are doing great things, and ultimately can provide insight into how they do life and how they seek to “truly live” outside the job.

This is a message that will resonate with law enforcement, first responders, and those with military backgrounds. Yet, its for anyone- anyone who wants to choose a different path forward, anyone who wants to be part of a like-minded community, and anyone, who much like me, wants to improve daily in order to achieve all that I have been called to do.

I hope you will join me!

Wayne Mulder

Founder/ On The Blue Line, LLC