Below are links to various writings that all share a law enforcement theme.

  • BLOG: Defund the police is the wrong narrative.
     Over and over again the term, “Defund the Police” is screamed from the rooftops in various circles. It is a mantra contrived partially of ignorance and partially of pandering. In fact, when considered logically, the statement makes no sense in the context in which it is often used. It would be more accurate to yell,…
  • BLOG: Cops Are People Too!
    Humanity is a fantastic thing. I find myself thinking about humanity quite often. Of course, I think about the human race in the macro as I see what is happening globally and man’s seemingly timeless and endless pursuit of self-destruction. But, I also think of humanity from the perspective of the micro. It is often…
  • BLOG: The Rise of Hopelessness in Law Enforcement
    This week, I listened to a tragic yet inspiring story from iconic radio host Glenn Beck. Glenn may be one of the last few voices of reason left in this country. During his moving recount of a family tragedy, he drew a correlation that I had not realized before. You know the moment when you…
  • BLOG: The Journey
    A birthday, much like a new year, is a time to take stock. A time to consider the previous year, the high-points, the low-points and the things you wished you could have done differently. A birthday is even weightier to me as it is a countdown to life, or a count-“up” if you would. It…
  • BLOG: Cops, Crazy, and the “C” word…
    I sat in my car, looking over the reflective white hood. The red and blue lights were dancing as though set to music. Only one thought crossed my mind as I sat there, ending the call, “How does this craziness end?” However, moments later, as I began to drive away, I realized what we all…
  • Blooming in Stone
    Blooming in Stone explores our response to the environment that we find ourselves in.
  • Coming Home
    Coming Home is about the cycle of life, the change we see as time marches forward and the importance of remembering our place in it.
  • Painting Rocks
    A lesson in leadership from those who follow…
  • The Silence
    The Silence is a look at the sounds associated with Law Enforcement and the overwhelming nature of some of them. When these sounds become too unbearable and silence is sought, the actions taken can be tragic.
  • The Watchman
    Law Enforcement today is still the Watchman holding the blue lantern, warning of the danger that lies ahead.
  • The Mental Toll of Mental Toughness; A Story
    A story about the mental toll of being a first responder. It is a struggle that many face everyday in order to keep each of us safe.

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